Get To Know Your Filters

Your car has several air filters. One serves your engine, and one serves the passenger compartment. The engine air filter stops debris and contaminants from coming into contact with your engine. Typically, it's made of paper. It may also have a foam component. When it becomes clogged, it may mean that your engine isn't getting sufficient clean air. This can impact acceleration and other systems.

The cabin air filter purifies air as it enters the passenger compartment. It filters mold spores, dust and pollen out of the air you breathe. Typically, a visual inspection is all that's needed to tell you it's time for a new cabin air filter.

Manufacturers do publish guidelines for changing these filters. If you're having an issue, or if you live in a dusty area, it's a good idea to change them frequently. Stop by Star Motor Cars Volvo if you need an inspection or assistance with your car's filters.
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