Get a Clear View of Your Surroundings in the Volvo V90

In the new Volvo V90, there's no second guessing. This popular luxury wagon is available at Star Motor Cars Volvo with an innovative 360-degree camera system. It's a part of the optional Convenience package and can help you stay safe in a variety of situations.

Instead of a single rearview camera, this system uses four separate pieces of equipment. There is a camera in each side mirror, one in the front of the vehicle, and one on the rear. When you shift into reverse, the images from each of these cameras are stitched together into one. A graphic of the V90 is placed in the middle.

It will look as if you're viewing your vehicle from above. Drivers in Houston who want a closer look at one particular side can do that as well. All you have to do is touch one of the cameras feeds on the infotainment display. The picture will zoom in to show you exactly what that camera sees.



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