How Do the Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

During the hottest time of the year, fluids in the car battery can simply evaporate. In the freezing cold of winter, those same fluids begin to freeze, making it hard for the battery to crank the engine.

Testing your car battery is the easy way to see if it's still working properly.
  • Don't test the car battery if the headlights or ignition are still on.
  • If the car battery terminals shows any signs of corrosion, use your wire brush to create a clean contact point.
  • Your voltmeter has a red cable for the positive end of the car battery, and get attached first. The black cable is negative, and gets attached second.
  • Once connected, the voltmeter will show the battery is either above 12.4, which is excellent. If the meter shows that the battery is reading 12.2 or under, then you want to have it checked by a professional because it could.
Here at Star Motor Cars Volvo, we wanted to offer you this guide on battery testing to help you stay safe.
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