The 2020 Volvo Lineup is Coming to Houston

Volvo at Star Motor Cars Inside the Loop is Preparing for the New Models

With the middle of summer in Houston comes the specter of a new vehicle model year, and Volvo at Star Motor Cars near Washington Avenue in Central Houston is preparing for the arrival of the 2020 Volvo lineup. With a massive overhaul for the brand in 2019, not much is expected to change between 2019 and 2020, however there are some technological advancements and of course, safety updates, that promise to make the already stunning Volvo family even better.

Technology Improves for Drivers

While the 2019 Volvo lineup already included Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features, the technology will be getting improvements to help make the interface more intuitive and easier to access. The addition of built-in Spotify streaming puts one of the most popular music apps directly into the Sensus infotainment system, so you can spare your phone battery and still listen to your favorite playlists through the premium Volvo audio system.

The real technological advancements happen regarding safety for those both inside and outside the vehicle. While the automatic emergency braking feature could already detect pedestrians, cyclists, and small animals, it is being improved to help recognize those hazards even sooner, and provide warnings ahead of time so you, the driver, have more time to assess and react before the system has to step in.

The rear cross traffic alert now has automatic braking as well, so if you’re backing into the path of an oncoming vehicle and don’t heed the warning, you’ll be stopped automatically before an impact can occur.

Finally, the T8 plug-in hybrid system gets a power boost, up from an already-impressive 400 horsepower to 415 horsepower, this uptick in performance will make handling larger vehciles like the 2020 Volvo XC90 and XC60 even easier for this advanced powertrain.

Visit Our Dealership for In-Stock Dates and More Information

If you’re waiting for the 2020 crop of Volvo vehicles to arrive at our Central Houston dealership, visit or contact us to find out about a specific model you might be looking for! Or if you simply can’t wait, browse our new inventory and let a 2019 Volvo model catch your eye.

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