Service Your Volvo in Houston at Star Motor Cars

Our Specially-Trained Team Knows How to Care for Your Volvo

When it comes to extending the life of your Volvo, there is no substitute for following the maintenance schedule and allowing factory-trained professionals to take proper care of your vehicle. At Volvo at Star Motor Cars inside The Loop of Central Houston, you’ll be able to do exactly that and keep your Volvo running smoothly for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Factory-Recommended Maintenance

First, there is the obvious oil change, which will help keep your engine protected and properly lubricated for a long life. The friction of metal-on-metal contact generates an immense amount of heat, but your oil works to reduce that friction and dissipate heat for a two-fold layer of protection. All of that heat and friction will break down oil over time, reducing its effectiveness and increasing the risk of damaging your engine, so having it replaced at regular intervals is cruicial to keeping your Volvo on the road.

Brakes convert momentum into heat via friction to slow you down, and this process involves wearing out both the brake pads and the rotors that they clamp to when you press the pedal. Having your pad and rotor wear checked regularly is an important service to maintaining the safety of your Volvo.

Get Ready for Summer in Your Volvo!

As the heat of summer approaches, make sure your Volvo is as prepared to take on your adventures as you are. Allow our technicians to inspect your cooling system and replace your coolant if necessary to ensure you’re prepared for the triple-digit temperatures! We can also inspect and recharge your air conditioning unit if necessary, and a new set of summer tires will ensure stable handling in both wet and dry conditions so nothing slows down your adventures.

Have Your Volvo Serviced by the Professionals

Visit our Volvo dealership near Washington Avenue in Houston and our professional Volvo technicians will put their knowledge to use and help you keep your Volvo running for as long as you’d like to keep it. Schedule your next service with us online and get a head start on your summer adventures today!

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