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Contact Volvo at Star Motors Cars to Hear About Finance and Lease Specials for Your Next New Volvo

It is exciting to be preparing for the arrival of your new Volvo. Once you have decided on the specific model that you want to drive home, you will be faced with a decision as to how best to pay for it. Naturally, this is a personal decision. However, you do have options. When you work with Star Motors Cars Volvo in Houston, TX, you will discover that different specials may appeal to you and that saves you money. You will be presented with the decision of either financing a purchase or leasing your new Volvo. Each of these contains certain advantages depending on your budget and lifestyle.

This is a great time to drive home in a new Volvo.You will find several loan specials that may be appealing to you. Depending on your current credit rating, you could get a low-interest rate that will result in lower than expected monthly payments. You can choose from financing terms in the range of 36-72 months. This is a great way to get into a top model Volvo and be driving around in comfort for years to come. Just stop by our Volvo dealership in Houston TX and ask one of our finance experts to go over the current specials with you. We work with a number of local lenders and finance specialists to help find you the best deal possible.

Another possibility for you is to lease a new Volvo.This is a great way to get into the vehicle of your dreams without the higher monthly payments that you will incur when financing. With current lease specials, you may very well find that the deposit required to get into a new Volvo is much lower than the down payment when financing. Monthly payments will be lower as well. You can drive a top model Volvo for three to five years, after which time you will just return it, renew the lease or buy the model. Stop by Star Motors Cars Volvo today to discuss the latest finance and lease specials available on top Volvo models.